Room Service Please

This intriguing device attracts attention from many hotel guests. Whilst no longer in use, the Annunciator Board served an vital function: allowing guests to signal they required room service without leaving the comfort of their room. 

At the press of a button, an electrical signal was sent to the Annunciator in Housekeeping, triggering a magnet to drop and reveal the room number requiring service. The elegantly simple device was operated with electricity generated by The Carrington’s very own Power Station.

Today, hotel guests can still view the Annunciator, since relocated to the site of Katoomba’s original No. 1 Telephone Exchange (Ground Floor opposite the Lift tucked under the main staircase).

It is interesting to note Katoomba’s No. 1 telephone exchange was housed in The Carrington Hotel, and remains part of our main telephone number – 02 4782 1111.

"The most modern of systems, installed by the best establishments for the comfort and convenience of their esteemed guests".

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