Billiards, Anyone?

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Manufactured by Heiron & Smith, the craftsmanship of this antique billiard table is evident in its detailed legs and framework.

Whilst it has no date mark, clues indicate it was most likely manufactured and installed at The Carrington around 1910.

After decades of use by thousands of guests, it was refurbished in 1999 for The Carrington’s reopening with the installation of new felt and cushions. Today, the table remains in use by hotel guests as the focal point of the Billiards Room. 

Structurally the table is in perfect condition with the original slate and pockets remaining untouched. Of note is the whalebone plate at the short end, inscribed with the manufacturer’s mark. The letters H, S & B are missing from each word and would have been originally etched in gold leaf or possibly red. 

The Billiards Room was referred to as the Gentlemen’s Smoking Room back in the day. It is believed that over time the lettering was worn away by gentlemen rubbing their trouser leg against the plate when playing their shot.

Rumour has it the table served as a morgue slate on one occasion, whilst the body of a deceased guest awaited transport to Sydney. If only this piece could talk, we are certain it has many more stories to tell…

Rumour has it the table served as a morgue slate on one occasion...

Pictured bottom row, middle is the Staff of billiard table manufacturer, Heiron & Smith. Taken in 1896, it shows Walter Heiron middle row, second from left. Courtesy of the City of Sydney Archives.

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